Friday, March 14, 2008

Your Welcome A10

St. Joseph's played great defense tonight and furthered their chances of making the dance. Horrible from outside the arc is an understatement by X and the Hawks had plenty to do with it. They took a lot away from us to say the least. The good news is we won't play them again until next season. I won't miss Pat Calathes at all. Martelli is one hell of a coach and I wish them luck tomorrow night. The league will get two bids now, possibly three, maybe even four when all is said and done. With school being on spring break next week the team will have all kinds of time to spend together and I am glad we got that horrible shooting night out of the way. Seeing Lavender cutting and darting makes me feel confident about our chances. We need Duncan and Raymond to get back on track shooting wise but their weren't many open looks to be had tonight. Can't wait to see who we draw and I think we are in the 3-4 territory when it comes to seeding. Should be fun.

I notice our 'dedicated' Bearcat reporter has seem to disappeared for a bit. No worries he will be back soon enough.

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