Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Final Four Predictions

I am putting it out there for the world to see. Maybe Dave will do the same if he has the courage. Here goes:

East: North Carolina

Midwest: Wisconsin

South: Texas

West: Xavier

I really liked Notre Dame to make a run and the Harangody vs Hansbrough matchup will be intersting if it comes to be. The Tar Heels are my favorite to win it all and they are simply too deep and skilled at each position. I like Bo Ryan in March and his teams tough defense will be key to a run. Georgetown against the Badgers would be great. Bill Self can't seem to make the deep run in the NCAA's either. Coming from the South the Longhorns will prevail. I see the most upsets in that bracket heading in. St. Mary's, Kentucky, and Temple all have good shots at winning their first round games and I sense an upset of Memphis in the second round. Of course out West I went with my heart and I am hoping UCONN will knock off UCLA. Something tells me if we get in the second round and play Purdue and move on to the Sweet 16 people in Bloomington will notice. Something tells me a matchup against Baylor will have people's attention in Hoosierland too as Scott Drew is a native son.

Here we go. A day away. Off to the bookstore to get my Drew Lavender Sports Illustrated. Also need to make a stop at the grocery for the beer and food for the long weekend. Better than Christmas my friends better than Christmas my friends.

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