Sunday, March 23, 2008

Two Down

As I recover from my hangover this morning I am now able to talk coherently about the team's accomplishment. SWEETNESS! This roster now joins the '90 and '04 teams as the only X squads to make it this far in the NCAA tournament. Experience does matter after all. The Boilers second half run would have done in plenty of teams but X responded with three great baskets in a row. Raymond and 1, Lavender on a dribble drive, and Anderson on a desperation shot clock buzzer beater to push X back up 67-61. Purdue was far from finished (and didn't it take forever to play the last minute and a half) but they had to realize how much more they would have to dig in and that point and they just didn't have it. Everybody contributed. Lavender 18 points and 9 assists and back to his old self. Burrell finally made some baskets in the NCAA tournament and finished with 11 to go along with a decent job on Moore. E'Twaun took 25 shots. Anderson was a beast and a true man among boys yesterday. Great job and he knows how to play within the constraints of his game and excel. Duncan only played 17 minutes and ended up with 16. The announcers again with the praise of his game and I didn't think he played overly well but he was giving it his all. Brown focused on Hummel and scrapped on the boards. Jackson had a key steal in the second half. Raymond made some timely buckets. And how about some 'love' for Jason Love? The kid continues to do great things and show great upside. Did I miss anybody? Oh yeah the coaching staff. Great job all year long and we sure do appreciate it. Father Graham is ready to open the coffers Sean.

What a great day to be associated with Xavier. First in the morning the Zumbiel packaging plant comes tumbling down and we get the third Sweet 16 trip in program history. I shared alot of great conversation with my Xavier amigos last night. Look forward to seeing the game Thursday night. The drama is thick with Chuggy Bear on the opposing sideline. Great sports television my friends. Beezelbob is 7-9 lifetime against the X men and this one will be on the grandest of stages with a big prize on the line. I will have an in depth scouting report on the Mountaineers but I like our chances against these guys. They essentially play 6 guys and they have been Jekyl and Hyde at times.

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