Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Morning After

To all you tequila drinkers out there eating a grape or two right after a shot isn't that bad. It adds a little extra (something the guys just didn't have last night) to the overall experience. But hey as usual the sun did rise and we have plenty to be proud of. As I headed out to the local Kroger for morning breakfast I saw plenty of folks Xavier proud with sweat shirts and hats. Here's hoping to the third time is the charm the next time we get to the Elite 8. The open look misses in the first half came back to haunt us in a big way. This is the first time all year we saw the caliber of two guys like Collison and Love on the floor at the same time. Looking back on 07-08 these seniors and team will have a hard argument that they truly are the best Xavier team of all time despite the season coming to end unceremoniously. To merit:

  1. 30-7 overall record. The most wins in any season.
  2. 2nd Elite 8 overall for the program and third Sweet 16.
  3. An Atlantic 10 Championship.
  4. More than likely a final top 10 ranking when the final polls come out after F4.
  5. 3-0 record back to back seasons against the Dayton Flyers.
  6. 8-3 against squads from the so called 'power conferences'. BTW- The PAC 10 is the best overall conference this season from where I am sitting.
  7. A chance to put another stick in Bob Huggins' eye. BJ Raymond you now join Lenny Brown as Chuggy Bear's two favorite X players. This one in my estimation had just a little extra on the line than any Crosstown Victory.
  8. Speaking of which another Crosstown Shootout victory as a cherry on top of it all.

And to boot all three seniors will graduate and join the likes of Walker, Hill, Chalmers, Sato, and Myles among X nation all time favorites. Thanks again guys. I really love being a die hard X fan right about now. And again there is just 8 great facts (no coincidence) listed above to remind you of what you mean to the program forever.

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