Thursday, March 6, 2008

A few random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts on my mind today as we head towards the end of the college basketball season:

  • Why does it seem 75% of the time X and UC play on the same day around the same time? Some people would actually like to watch both teams play their entire game respectively.
  • 5/3 Arena needs to be a sellout tonight in honor of the 'Cats seniors. Yes they have disappointed with their inconsistent performance from time to time but they came to UC in one of the programs darkest hours and were committed to keeping the winning tradition alive, it just didn't happen, but it wasn't because of their effort or intensity.
  • Everybody is looking for the chink in the X men's armor and they think they have found it in Lavender's ankle. People he played 33 minutes against Dayton and contributed to the win in a hostile environment. He didn't practice fully all week leading up to the GW game and it showed. Miller called him out and Drew will produce the rest of the season. Paul Daughtery cite your sources when you say another 'local doctor' says there is no way he will heal by playing. Your proctologist doesn't count "Doc".
  • 'Championship Week' starts in earnest next Monday night and the next two weeks are some of the most compelling in all of sports. That is why I love this game.
  • Here is to hoping everything is okay with Charlie Coles. We miss you on the sidelines Charlie and hope you can return in time for the post season. This is a good audition for Jermaine Henderson though and I think he is the logical replacement for Charlie when the time comes.
  • Speaking of opportunity; Detroit Mercy should be a job Chris Mack expresses interest in. It would be great if he could prove himself as a head coach. Convincing his wife to leave Cincinnati could be the issue or UD Mercy may already have a guy in mind.
  • It also appears that Sean Miller is falling down on the rung a bit for the IU job. That is a great thing if you are an X fan. IF he leaves there is no way Kenny Frease sets foot on campus in the fall. I think if we have a deep run in the tournament it will only increase his chances of staying on campus though. He firmly believes a National Championship can be won at Xavier and he is the first to really act like it could happen. My pick (if he's asked) is Tony Bennett from Washington State. IU may shoot for the stars with this search though (Bill Self anyone?)
  • Put me on the list of people who don't like Jim Calhoun. I recently read some insider recruiting information that said he tried like hell to get Mark 'Cheeky' Lyons to change his mind on his verbal to X. Nice coach. Speaking of 'Cheeky' check out Brewster Academy in New Hampshire and look at all their high level D1 talent and tell me who the star of the team is? You already know the answer.
  • Dion Dixon the next Dwyane Wade? I don't think so UC fans though Marquette was interested. He could very well be the next Fennis Dembo then too because according to Wyoming was the only other school to offer. His you tube highlights show his athleticism and potential and he is another piece to the puzzle.
  • My final four today (using Lunardi's bracketology updated 3/3) would be Duke, UCLA, Notre Dame and X.


Steve said...

Re: Fans on internet message boards, you do realize they spread unsubstantiated rumors all the time right? - grain of salt, grain of salt...

Oh, UCONN has McD's AA PG Kemba Walker coming in next season from the class of 2008, not to mention the return of Oscar Robertson Award Finalist, AJ Price, Craig Austrie, and Doug Wiggins – all of whom can play the point.

Steve said...

Deck, do you replay to comments posted on your blog?

I'm interested in your replay to my post. thanks.