Thursday, March 27, 2008

Positive Sign?

I NEVER watch the NBA but last night I tuned into ESPN to watch the High School McDonald's All-American game and the Boston-Phoenix game was moving past the 9:30 PM scheduled start. The Celtics were handling the Suns pretty good so we got a little bonus coverage from the Cavs and Hornets. The game was back and forth with Lebron putting the Cavs up one with about 7.7 seconds left. On the ensuing possession Chris Paul drives the lane, kicks it to David 'Freakin' West and he hits a jumper from inside the free throw line to win the game. So on a night I wasn't planning nothing but watching the best high schoolers in the nation I get to see two X alums in the league (Posey being the other) doing their thing. I take the game winning shot as positive Karma heading into tonight's matchup is my overall point. Doesn't mean $#^% I know but still when your a superstitious cat. . . . .


Dave said...

Just to clarify, Deck is the most superstitious sports fan I have ever met. He once quit watching X on his big screen for I think the rest of the season when they lost badly while watching it. To drive the point home. The only other TV in his house at the time was a 13 incher. THAT my friends is superstitious.

Eddie Maisonet, III said...

Just be sure to show BJ Raymond some love on your next post!

Nice read bro, check me out at


Deck said...


Thanks for the positive words. BJ will be getting love from me for a long time sir. I am going to check you out as soon as I am done typing this.