Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 things Bearcat fans can do during the NCAA selection show.

1. Host a tupperware party - It'll keep your mind off the crappy end to the season AND you'll get some nice free gifts from the sales lady!

2. Play a video game that involves killing people in a violent manner - You can pretend your victims are prick coaches you hate like Jim Calhoun, Pete Gillen,  and the quitter Bob Knight. 

3. Begin spring cleaning - It'll make your wife/girlfriend happy and maybe you'll actually get laid in March for the first time since you became obsessed with college basketball oh so many years ago. 

4. Go outside - I know this is foreign to all of us on days that involve college basketball games,news, and analysis but maybe you'll like it. Maybe. 

5. Drink Heavily - no explanation needed. But I saved this one for last hoping you(read: ME) could find something constructive to do instead of sulking and eventually getting so hammered you become "remember the good ol' Huggins days?" guy. 

If all else fails swallow your pride, don't be a hater, and wish a good friend luck and a long Xavier run in the tournament. 

Good luck Deck. 

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