Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UD 3x

UD will be the opponent for the Muskies at noon tomorrow. It is hard to beat any team (let alone a rival) three times in a season. We did it as recently as last year against the Flyers but they are searching for that elusive NCAA tournament bid. They will be hungry. Roberts was held to 5 points today (he must be sick again, sorry I couldn't resist) and he rarely plays poor back to back games. I am sure Burrell's comments after our last game will be utilized in the locker room by Gregory and staff. IF WE LOSE we will be looking at a 4 seed in the tournament. I will be most interested in watching #24 for the good guys tomorrow. If he plays well I could almost stomach a loss. Nah. I want to beat those ass clowns 6 times in a row leaving no doubt who the dominant team in Southwest Ohio is. Go Muskies. The run starts now.

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