Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Positive Sign?

It has been established that I am a huge 'karma' guy. I just finished reading a blurb on fox sports reported by Jeff Goodman that IU will offer Tony Bennett their head coaching position. He is citing two sources. I also double backed to to see their take and they are reporting that the buyout at XU is too high for IU to offer coach Miller. This is certainly positive news if true and I also read that the Hoosiers want to have a man in place by the Final Four. If Bennett decides to stay at Wazzu then the next man on the infamous 'list' is Mike Montgomery.

BTW- I am very calm today for some strange reason. Usually the anxiety before ball games kills me all day long. Hanging out with my little man, having a good time and really looking forward to this game tonight and no nervousness as of yet. Once the tip gets here though I could probably crawl out of my skin like that guy on the 'Guitar Hero' commercial.


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