Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is:

  • To have your pep band have a two page write up in the USA Today Sports Section. When Father Graham talks about 'investment' and 'returns' this is an example of 'returns'.
  • To have national media and magazines profile Stan Burrell and his transformation from offensive gun to defensive stalwart. The Muskie Nation loves you 'Hammer'.
  • To have television announcers gush over Josh Duncan's 'skill set' over and over. My man will be in an NBA camp next summer.
  • To play longer and farther than any other local team. (NIT doesn't count Flyer fans)
  • To avoid the SI curse.
  • To know that the administration will do everything they can to keep Sean in tow. One more win and he is in the 1.5 million range if you ask me. And we are ready to pay. Also I firmly believe we will lose Mike Bobinski before Sean. The A10 commissioner's seat is open.
  • To purchase a new car to celebrate your team's accomplishment. You should know I wrangled over this decision for a year and a half. This Muskies run gave me reason to do it.
  • To get this far twice in the last five seasons. I think it shows how much we have grown as a program.
  • To hear Bob Huggins on 'Sportstalk' comment to Paul Daugherty how great a program Xavier is. He also had a few shots for Mrs. Zimpher (one of my favorites) when talking about 'support' from the administration Sean receives.
  • To hear all these band wagoners talk about 'well I guess I'll root for X'. Hey pallies you need to be all in or don't even bring it. There is way too much 'fair weather' in this town for my liking. See Homer Bailey as example #1 of that my friends.
  • To have your favorite team make a run in March. And to have to hear local sports talk show celebrities make up ground like they have been with us the whole time.
  • To hear Mike DeCoursey talk over and over ad nauseaum that nobody on Xavier can make plays in a one on one situation other than Lavender. Yeah Mike that really has held us back and I completely disagree. Ask the Purdue front line if CJ could take somebody 'one on one'.
  • To have the seniors rewarded for all their hard work and sacrifice. Those three have been leaders in words and actions and all will be missed when our time is finished.

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