Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank You Seniors

Thanks to Drew, Josh, and Stan for the great memories. I know all in the Xavier Nation are hurting a bit right now but this 'Run' will always be remembered fondly. In a couple days will recap the great season and all we had to enjoy this year watching you guys do your thing. I am going to do one shot of Patron' for each of you guys tonight. Yeah I plan on getting my head kicked in to tonight too but it will truly be a celebration of a great season. And hats off to Ben Howland and the UCLA Bruins. They surely brought the 'A' game tonight and Kevin Love is everything you heard he was. Collison is a ball breaker too. Good luck guys the rest of the way, sincerely.

I guess now that we are in off season mode will use this blog to cover player updates, recruits, play for pay speculation, summer league basketball, and so on. Who knows what else will show up considering me and the Dastardly one are huge NFL guys. But anyway this has been a terrific season and before I get funked up I just wanted to say I appreciate what the guys did for us. We will truly miss you. Peace out.

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