Thursday, March 6, 2008

Withrow/St. X

I enjoyed the Division I basketball playoffs very much last night at Cintas. The St. X/Princeton game was closer than the final would indicate. If you have never been to a St. X game watching and listening to their student section is one of the highlights and they are some very creative young men. I really like the players coming over at the end of the game and singing the alma mater with all their supporters. Gibler will do well at the Horizon League level. Orlando Williams a junior guard from Princeton is one to keep your eyes on for the future. The second game featuring the Tigers of Withrow versus the Warriors of Wayne was not quite as entertaining. The five starters from Withrow all have Division 1 futures. Gates is surely the main attraction and if he gets the ball down low on the right block it is over. He is a great finisher. He will need to hustle and run the floor all the time though to see major minutes his first year in college for the Bearcats. Mick won't tolerate the jogging back. Also Chris Grimes (about 6-5 270) is a good low block mate for Yancy. However I don't think the word 'sportsmanship' is in his vocabulary. I was also a little disappointed in Anthony McBride. This kid could play at the MAC level or above but all the back talking and negative body language towards your coach is surely noted. Also if we ever wonder why so many 'students' in our public schools are not passing proficiency tests the Withrow pullovers are a good testatment. On the back of their shirts they do a take off Rick Ross' song 'Every Game We Hustlin'' which is a good motto just poor English. Anyway I digress. This Saturday at 11 AM at Cintas there will be a great rematch between St. X and Withrow for the opportunity to represent Cincinnati in Columbus. Giving the results of last year's game this should be a war. The St. X kids are disciplined team players that are fundamentally sound whereas Withrow seems to focus on the sheer talent of their senior starting 5.

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