Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Read Between The Lines

If you had a chance to read Dustin Dow's article today in the Cincinnati Enquirer concerning coach Miller it should be quite clear X is going to pony up more cash for him at the end of the season. He is currently in the base salary range of 800K to 900K. I would expect next season he will be in the 1.2 million range. X will be proactive in keeping him and it would not suprise me if a new deal is offered within weeks of the finished season whenever that may be. His openness and candor with the high dollar alumni, friends to the program, and senior administration makes this a no brainer and I am very excited about the future possibilities of the program. Xavier is a business school. They pull 20 million a year off Cintas Center, they are willing and able to invest further into the program than most outside of the school realize, and we desire to be great on Victory Parkway. It is clear we are getting a return on the Coach Miller investment and I think he understands what he has here.

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