Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brett Favre was a great QB.

OK, Its been said. Everybody can stop verbally blowing him now.

I know thats not the popular thing to say. I know He's "Americas QB". I know this is a basketball blog but because of this crap I cant hear or see anything about bball without a reference to Favre(Dukie V- "Brett Favre was great Baby!! If he played basketball I'd blow him right after my one true love coach K".)

I also know that its been 24 hours of nonstop #4 everywhere you look in the sports media.

Does anybody really care what Phil Simms thinks about Favre retiring? Would Phil Simms give a shit if he wasn't being paid to talk about it? I dont think so.

Another thing, why is it that Favre "Heroically overcame drug addiction" but Lindsey Lohan is just trashy or a rock star who does drugs is considered the scum of the earth?

Its BS thats why.

I want to point out that I enjoyed watching him play. I think he was one of the best ever blah blah blah. Im just reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyy freaking tired of hearing about it.

So please sports talk radio,internet, and ESPN can we knock the 24 hour Bavre watch back to a couple hours a day so I can get back to enjoying my beloved college basketball?

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twillia4 said...

I totally agree that ESPN has gone a little overboard with Brett Favre’s retirement coverage. How many times can we hear the same things about his career? He was a great player but now he has decided to retire. He isn’t going to jail, and he didn’t die. So, really there is no point to dedicate 30 minutes of a Sportscenter broadcast to him.