Thursday, March 20, 2008

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble in Kenwood sucks! I went looking for my Lav SI yesterday and was treated very poorly by the staff at that location. I am pretty good at helping myself but when I didn't see it I thought I would ask the lady at the checkout line. She directed me to 'Customer Service' where rudeness began. Apparently the magazine comes out on Tuesday but it will be up to a week before the 'bookstore' receives it. The 'lady' who was at that post is nothing but 'customer service' oriented. If you know me you know I have alot of patience for people working retail but this woman bit my head off when I asked a simple question. It was almost like if I wasn't asking for some obscure author I had no business bothering her. I am heading to Waldenbooks this morning at the mall and see if they have this collector's item for X fans. I won't be returning to B&N anytime in the near future.

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