Friday, March 7, 2008

St. Joes

No disrespect in losing to that team and I tip my hat to them. They brought the intensity and we didn't. On the positive side DBrown is now shooting threes with confidence and accuracy, Dante Jackson is contributing real minutes, and this team absolutely refuses to lose. They could have folded at about the 8 minute mark but never gave up. Also it is a good thing the A10 tournament is not being played in Philadelphia. We haven't done real well in that city this year and this one could have been as ugly as the Temple game. But again they refuse to lose. My hope is this will humble us to the point of being on our 'A' game the rest of the way out. Also Lavender isn't the reason we lost. He contributed in all phases of the game but is not yet 100%. IF he was we would see more dribble drives to the basket. If you turned off the picture and listened to Hubert and Joe only last night on ESPN you would have swore he was dragging one leg behind him. He didn't look that bad to me and again he is enhancing our chances to win by being out there. Stan created off the dribble and set up his teammates and so did Lav last night. We had plenty of open shots, they just weren't falling. IF Duncan had his typical shooting game last night we might be talking about how we pulled this off. The Hawks winning at Dayton on Saturday afternoon will give us three at large selections for sure from the conference. Us, UMASS, and the Hawks will all get in if St. Joes can finish at 10-6 in the A10. I think a suprise team will win the tournament in the AC so we could wind up with 4.

My personal All A10 team not including X players looks like this: Kevin Lisch, Leemire Goldwire, Dionte Christmas, Pat Calathes, and Ahmad Nivins. Those are the guys who have perfomed well against the Musketeers in conference play. Christmas should be player of the year overall. I think the final all A10 team will look like this: Brian Roberts, Stanley Burrell, Dionte Christmas, Will Daniels, and Pat Calathes. You could easily interchange Nivins, Daniels, and Calathes for the final spot.

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Dizzylo86 said...

How do you "refuse to lose" and still lose the game?