Sunday, March 30, 2008

#1 seeds all make the final four

All the dust has settled and the number 1 seeds all made it to the final four. 60 teams went home crushed in the last week to set up what seems almost a forgone conclusion. All the dreamers are home or on the way there and will dream of something else tonight. Keggers and college chicks maybe? All the Cinderella' s came to the Ball and are leaving empty handed. Or are they?

The dream of making it to the final four is over but many of the teams and players have much to be proud of. Who would have thought Western kentucky would make it to the sweet sixteen. I remember discussions in the weeks prior to to the tourney in which the national talking heads were discussing whether or not Davidson should even get in if they didn't win their conference tournament. 

Careers were defined in this tournament. Josh Duncan may have sold himself as an NBA prospect. Joe Alexander completed his transformation into one of the most dominant and versatile players in all of college basketball. Stephan Curry showed the world that sometimes guts and determination mean as much as skill. Don't get me wrong he's skilled but it was his Jordan like WILL that got them as far as they made it. 

As a fan am I disappointed it came down to the 1's? A little. Would it have been nice for Cinderella to make it to the Final Four? definitely. Would I trade all the game winning baskets, Drama, and excitement for any other sporting event? Not a chance. I love college basketball. 

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Deck said...


Another great post: but if you listen to Nike there are no more 'Cinderellas'. In theory basketball is way, way more competetive than it ever was in the '50's and '60's. And Alexander as a 'dominant' player? Come on man 'dominant' guys hit clutch free throws. Joey is very, very good but he would be a second rounder at best right now, hardly dominant.

I haven't really had much time to reflect on the tournament but it sure has been a great one. Stephen Curry meet the world and what a great story. I am sure ACC 'feelers' are out telling him how much greater of a pro they would make him if he transferred to their school. And now we are down to the four best teams, regardless of seed. This is the first time all #1 seeds have made it since the tournament expanded so maybe the committee finally got it right!