Tuesday, March 25, 2008

X vs Huggs

I've heard a lot of talk the last few days at work and on the radio that "Xavier doesn't have its own city behind them".

 I am a HUGE Bearcats fan and a fan of Bob Huggins. I was devastated when Nazi Z ran him out of town and even considered boycotting UC. After a few weeks I cam e back to my senses and realized that I love my Cats more than I did Huggs. I also would like to point out that the only week of the year that I don't particularly like to talk to my Shoutout colleague is(of course) Crosstown Shootout week. For that week I despise Xavier and hope to watch them get crushed under the weight of UC's wrath. 

All that being said. I am 100% behind the XAVIER MUSKETEERS in this matchup. How could you not be? X is as much a part of this cities rich basketball history as UC. I for one think its awesome to have two of the best college basketball programs in the country right here in the city of Cincinnati. And with the exception of one week a year I route for both to do well. 

If you are routing for West Virginia because of Bob Huggins your living in the past. If you are routing against X because your a UC fan that's just silly. Think of ot this way. If they win the whole damned thing It will be that much sweeter when UC takes the Shootout next year(couldn't resist Deck). You are also may I remind you, pulling for one of our Big East rivals Who by the way got that ass beat by UC!!!!

Anyway in closing I just want to wish Sean Miller and the boys much luck and hope that they win it all. 



Deck said...

Couldn't care less if the city is behind X or not 'Dastardly' the Musketeer Nation is and that extends far and wide. Should be fun.

Oscaladalate said...

Define far and wide please. I am a UC fan and I would be lying if I said I want X to win. I can watch X with no problem and like Sean Miller, but I couldnt stand hearing all the X fans talk about beating Huggins and going to the Elite 8. There could not be a worse way for X to go out of the tournament and I want to see it happen. Also I wish John Williamsons pick that nearly dislocated Drew Lavenders jaw was on Stanley Burrell so I wouldnt have to hear him talk. IT IS NOT SHUTTING DOWN ERIC GORDEN IF HE DROPS 20!!

Deck said...


There are thousands and thousands of alumni across this great nation. Our alumni chapters in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Columbus, Atlanta to name a few is what I am talking about when I say 'far and wide'. Please remember we don't get to determine who we play. Why wouldn't we talk about going to the Elite 8? Pally I don't care if it the 'little sisters of the poor' we have to step on to get there. If it has to be a former UC coach we have to get past so be it. Would you say holding a player to 4-16 from the field is not shutting him down? Gordon was no factor in that game and a big reason we won by 15. If you were watching or listening you would know EG picked up most of his points from the foul line late in the game. Also Stan is being lavished on by nearly everyone for his defensive play this year. Lofton, Roberts, et al were pretty decent players he 'shut down' too. But anyway you lost a little cred when you openly wish players would get physically hurt. I am sorry but that sounds a little typical from a UC fan.