Friday, August 22, 2008

Stewart on Campus

The Enquirer reports that Ari Stewart will be on campus today (Friday) which also happens to coincide with XU student move in weekend. Lots of activity and the campus should show very well. We are against some heavy hitters to get this kid's services but we have been involved with him for a long time. I believe he is the staff's #1 target and it would be great to secure a committ from him before he leaves town.

On other news the book 'Xavier Tales' is a great read for anybody who is a Musketeer basketball fan. Michael Perry did a wonderful job with this piece and it gives you a behind the scenes look at the biggest moments in our basketball history.

One last thing: my counterpart (in typical UC fashion) is half assing this blog over the summer. He seems to think the release of the 'Cats nonconference schedule and the early committ from Benahan is not 'newsworthy' for us. Am I calling him out? Certainly.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Best of Luck AD

Adrion Graves will be transferring after all. has reported he will not be attending fall classes. My best guess of his eventual destination will be Bowling Green to be with Louis Orr and George Jackson but he may have other plans. I guess Andy Taylor will be on scholarship after all this season. AD wanted to play extended minutes and that was looking less and less likely with the depth on the perimeter. Best of luck Adrion and I hope wherever you land you find PT and happiness.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Random Thoughts 8/8/08

Just a few thoughts on happenings this past week in hoops:

- UC has also signed a network TV deal with FSN Ohio for 12 games. I would imagine there will be no conflicts with us schedule wise as BE plays weekly conference games on different days than the A10.

-Kyryl Natyazhko has appeared as a target for Sean Miller and staff for the '09 class. He is rated as the #132 prospect overall with interest also coming from Baylor and Miami (FL). They call him a 'physical post with touch from the outside'. He is attending IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL for this coming season.

- Speaking of Baylor they recently secured the commitment of Rivals number one rated player, John Wall, by hiring his AAU coach. Smooth move on their part and I am sure John thinks he will be one and done anyway.

- The only piece of the Olympics that interests me is the USA Basketball team. They looked damn good in the exhibition games. That and to see if any terrosist organizations are willing to screw around with China. I highly doubt it but lord have mercy if they do.

- I am hearing murmurs that Steven Toyloy will not be attending UC this year. Any Bearcat fans out there who can confirm or deny?


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

John Riek

Just wanted to say 'congrats' to the Bearcats on the pickup of 7'2" center John Riek. He was a top 5 player at the 2007 Lebron James Academy. He has a few hurdles to climb but hats off to Mick for leaving no stone unturned.