Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three Down

What a great game! I am emotionally drained off that one. First credit to the Mountaineers. What a way to come back and take us to the limit. They were a Joe Alexander free throw from having victory in hand. To quote Sean 'he is an impossible matchup'. The switch to a matchup zone was brilliant strategy by WVU as it took Drew away. This is a game that actually lived up to the hype. Here are my immediate thoughts after drinking a couple in celebration:

  • Josh Duncan is taking the Lionel Chalmers approach to increasing his draft status: saving the best for the biggest stage. Career high in the Sweet 16? Are you frickin' kidding me? Also playing with four fouls for 17 minutes plus was tremendous. There will be more JDunc pictures very, very soon on this here blog.
  • CJ Anderson had a double double. 'Nuff said.
  • BJ Raymond is a living legend. What a time to recover your three point stroke. You will be BMOC for a long time and will have your chance to lead next year #11.
  • Stan Burrell I was ready to forget all those nice things I have been saying about you. You were reverting to junior year Stan with the off balance crap. And then you had that feathery move in the lane with the perfect switch to the left hand. And then what will be known as 'the pass' for a long, long time to BJ.
  • Drew Lavender hit a very timely three to pull us even in OT. And he would be perfect for those Nike Sparq commercials; you know the one where they say 'My quickness is so good I am already watching the next commercial'. Keep bringing it Danger Mouse.
  • Derrick Brown continues to flash. He should have been matched on Alexander at the end of regulation and my wife wouldn't have worried about the purple hue on my face.
  • Dante' Jackson has no idea what this tournament is doing for his future. I thought he was much better on Ruoff tonight than Stan. I hope your loving every moment of it because I know I am.
  • Jason Love did all the dirty stuff as usual and is a natural born rebounder. It's looking like you will get a chance at another 'Love' as I type this with the Bruins being up 28-15 with a little under 7:00 to go in the first half.
  • And last but not least a huge tip of the hat to coach Miller and staff. You have know idea how much we appreciate what you are doing. Let's take that next step!!

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cityleaguehoops said...

Here's some quality footage of Drew Lavender for all you Xavier fans out there.