Thursday, March 13, 2008

Miller owns Gregory

What more can be said? I had serious doubts we would be able to beat a rival 6 times in a row. Add the fact that UD was playing for their NCAA tournament lives and I thought this one could be an 'L'. Good thing the team doesn't turn to me for inspiration. 5 guys in double figures is a sure sign for X success. More importantly we killed the Flyers on the boards and hit our free throws a little better. The boys up north should stop their sqawking for a bit and who knows they may still get in the tournament with a high rpi and decent SOS but the almost complete collapse at the end of the season is pulling them down. Wright didn't play today so the committee would say without him who can they beat in the field?

This cowboy would rather face the Spiders again tomorrow but a chance to avenge the loss to St. Joes tomorrow makes me feel confident either way. Lavender was taking some deep three's in the first half and looked better than he has in quite some time. The outcome is sad in a way because Brian Roberts will not get the chance to play on the biggest stage and he will be playing in his first NIT tournament also. I wonder if he ever wonders what it would be like to have played for Miller? He probably would have improved to the point of being a worthy NBA draft pick given his talent. Oh well. I am glad we never have to hear how much better he is than our guy Stan when truthfully basketball is a team sport. It is about banners and championships not double digit scoring.

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