Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Final Four Predictions part Deux

Okay Deck since you called me out here are my picks and some extras

My Final Four
North Carolina

I know you think I should go out on a limb and pick at least one team outside the 1 & 2 seeds. I just couldn't do it this year.  Don't get me wrong a few teams could do it. Louiville, Wisconsin, Pittburgh, Clemson(more on this later), and your beloved Xavier Muskies come to mind. But after some careful thought, a six pack, and a few coin flips this is what I came up with. 

If I were going to really put myself out there I would say Clemson is my Dark Horse pick to make the FF. They Have a solid team lead by the seniors from your old pal Oliver Purnells 1st recruiting class and have several impressive wins including one over Duke. Not to mention that they gave the Tar Heels a couple of really tough games. 

A few other observations. 
Tennessee/Louisville would be a heck of a game.
Butler got hosed with a 7 seed IN Alabama against South Alabama.
Harangody/Hansborough could be fun to watch
Mayo/Walker  - represent North College Hill!!!
Siena over Vandy is my Upset special. Vandy has been bad more often than good recently.
Temple over  Michigan St. is my other major upset pick. Good guards win tourney games.
Is Memphis getting 1 seed respect? Not in my view.
Can anyone match up with Kevin Love?
Drake could make it to the sweet sixteen depending on which UConn team shows up.
The fact that Baylor is here is a wonderful story. 
Xavier/Duke WILL be a hell of a game
Huggy bear 1 and done. what a surprise. 

No matter what happens its my favorite time of the year. I can smell the pizza and taste the beer already. 

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