Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crosstown Date Set!

Saturday December 13th the Sean Miller Blue/White Army will descend on Clifton and slap the happy crap out of Mick Cronin and company. Seriously there will be no mercy.

I am happy that it is on Saturday and after the main portion of the college football season has wrapped up and before the 100 or so bowl games begin. I am hoping it will be a featured game for ESPN.

One other scheduling note: Kansas State has asked that we push our return date to Manhattan back to the 09-10 season. Not sure why but hey no biggie. Also Toledo has been added to our home schedule and there will be a couple of more 'buy' games added soon.


Dave said...

I hope your ready for a shock to the system. I predict a close game with the Cats pulling out the victory. I also predict that Mr. Gates uses Kenny "the fridge" Freeze.

Deck said...

Ha ha ha. If it was a game of one on one Nancy er Yancy might get it done but I know Nancy er Yancy would love to have KF's jump shot.