Saturday, April 26, 2008

Draft Day

Today is draft day for the NFL and while we spend most of our time postulating on our chosen favorite college basketball teams; the Cincinnati Bengals is one passion me and Dastardly share. So naturally we are interested in who we get today. I think we end up with a defensive player in the first round from USC either way and I would be happy with either Sedrick Ellis or Keith Rivers who is supposedly a 'high character' guy and we could use a few more of those. I think in the second round they go for an offensive 'skill guy' but I am not even going to pretend whom that might be. This day would be absolutely fabulous if big mouth was sent somewhere else. But if we add draft picks and have an 8 million deficit on the cap hit this year that may not be financially possible. From what I have seen the past few days the support for Mike Brown has grown in media circles and former players because they all realize how retarded big mouth is being. It's not Mike's fault you spent all your money. And please remember you signed a contract which should still mean something, especially considering you are the top 5 in terms of pay scale at your position. I would be so, so very happy if we could part ways with big mouth, can you tell? Anyway I will be in front of a television set around 4 today to see what we end up with. Surely another highlight on the annual sports calender for me. Tomorrow I will chill out the whole day (that is what Sunday's are for) on the couch and dream about how these new guys are going to get us back to the playoffs.

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Dave said...

I too would like to see ocho loco just go away. I'm quite tired of his BS and would enjoy seeing him sent packing. On the other hand I want to see him crawl back and eat his words when Mike Brown and coach Lewis don't cave to his ridiculous demands.