Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sky Is Falling . . . In Dayton

Man oh man are things getting crazy in Flyer Land. There are many, many rampant rumors on IU and UK message boards about Flyer 'savior' Chris Wright looking to transfer to either of those schools. Maybe 'Flight' figured out he picked the wrong SW Ohio A10 school to attend perhaps? Anyway there was a very interesting thread up about it on UD Pride and now it has mysteriously disappeared because it made some of the 'die hards' uncomfortable.

Also they are desperate for an upgrade over London Warren at point. Jeremie Simmons has long been a UD target and many feel he is one of the best in the JUCO class. JUCO talent today is not what it was in the mid eighties and early nineties. All the really good talent goes to 'prep' school now so they don't lose any four year college eligibility. Any way the Flyers top comp for this guy was Butler and Valparaiso and now Ohio State and Alabama are calling. Good luck on his recruitment. No disrespect in losing a player to the Bulldogs, we really really wanted Matt Howard this past class and he chose the mystique of Hinkle Fieldhouse (and most likely earlier PT).

And then I decide to read a thread on the Ohio - Kentucky All Star Game (why I do these things I will never know) and several (jack72 and San Diego Flyer) are comparing Ken Frease to Kurt Huelsman? WTF? Then they imply that he 'verballed' to UK before Tubby left. Oh really? When pressed to provide proof (I am sure Rivals or Scout would have been all over it) they have nothing to say. I am sorry but when you are a CONSENSUS top 50 player you are in a little better class than Huelsman who is a hard working kid who gets the most out of his talent.

I want to send a note out of spite to my man Swampy and ask how is it Sean can get three quality points in one class but Gregory is still looking for one? Nah I am too nice.

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