Thursday, April 3, 2008

Portsmouth Invitational

Dustin Dow reports on his blog that Duncan, Lavender, and Burrell have all received invites to Portsmouth, the first NBA tryout camp of the season. If they do well there and can get invited to Chicago then I think they have a great chance of getting selected. We'll see. I wish them all the best with their pro endeavors.

Also you are going to hear quite a bit about Marquette and Sean Miller in the coming days. I think the folks in Milwaukee will lay out the full court press for him so to speak. But if you evaluate where the two programs are today Miller will choose to stay in Cincy. Marquette has won one NCAA tournament game since joining the Big East. The Musketeers have been to two Elite 8's in that same time period. They are holding onto their national championship from '77 like Linus holds onto a blanket. Quick who was the coach at Marquette before Tom Crean? Yeah it takes a minute (Mike Deane) to come up with. They do have an on campus practice facility but they play in arena that used to be played in by the Milwaukee Bucks. Most midwest kids see themselves in the Big 10 rather than the Big East and that has made recruiting tough. The fat man in St. Louis would be the choice if he would have kept his trap shut this year about abortion and so forth but hey there are always consequences for our words and actions. Tony Bennett (Wisconsin native) would be a logical choice and their fan base would also love to get Bruce Weber we shall see. IMO the carousel won't stop on Victory Parkway to be picking anybody up any time soon.

And oh yeah Chris Henry is a jackass and a wonderful waste of God given talent. Grow up please.

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