Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Very Interesting

X fans will find this very interesting (thanks to Dustin Dow): Tom Herrion has been named Associate Head Coach at Pitt. Tom has been a head coach at College of Charleston and was successful. So much so his name came up for some other jobs and they want to keep him in tow. Tom was an assistant for the Panthers this past season. This is a good thing for Tom and Pitt I assume. IF Dixon were to leave early they would have a natural successor. You see more and more schools interested in continuity for recruiting (see Marquette) and I think Pitt was very proactive in this regard. Sean, of course, held the same title at X and there was some bumps his first year. Part of it was the loss in talent (Chalmers, Sato) but alot of it had to do with Sean's learning curve also. The Panthers would be in a position to have a proven commodity move up one seat if that scenario (Dixon leaving) were to play out. And of course this is all assumption. Much like assuming Sean would bolt for Pitt if he was offered the position. But still it does provide a little assurance. My personal belief is he is waiting for a position to open up in the historically best basketball conference (ACC) with the right school but that is just conjecture on my behalf.

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