Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IU Speculation

After reading Dustin Dow's blog this morning and looking at some other things it seems it is open season on IU players. Armon Bassett and Jordan Crawford were recruited hard by X staffers and this may be a good destination for one of those guys to transfer too. I am also hearing Graves may be looking at Bowling Green where Louis Orr and George Jackson would love to have him. If AD decides that is what is best for him, all the luck in the world. One internet journalist also speculated UC would take a look if he became available. Also Bronson has issues with his knees and if he were to transfer I would imagine it would be D2 so he could play right away. Or he may just stay.

Bottom line this IU job is looking more and more unattractive by the minute. I have also heard the report that the buyout was too high is a way for Indiana to save face. Many believe (and this is all just rumor and hearsay which makes the internet great!) that Miller told them he was not interested.

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