Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Day NFL Draft Reaction

I am very excited about Keith Rivers and what he will bring to this team at the linebacker spot. He seems to be a ready made pro and a good one and great person from everything I have read about him. Jerome Simpson is a head scratcher mainly because we don't view Coastal Carolina as a top notch football school and most had him as a middle round (3-5) kind of guy which scares me a bit. But he is another with high character and maybe they are seeing him as a potential punt returner. The ESPN highlights had him jumping completely over a guy which gives insight to his atheleticism. More importantly they sent a message with that pick. The Bengals have had historically good luck with receivers and skill guys in general in the second round Collinsworth, Pickens, big mouth, Boomer Esiason, and Corey Dillon quickly come to mind so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I threw up in my mouth a bit when I saw Drew Rosenhaus' comments from his appearance on ESPN today. Hey 'shark' the bengals have taken care of 'big mouth' very well. We look forward to Chad doing what he agreed too. Keyshawn Johnson said this was purely financial decision and Steve Young quickly pointed out the value of his contract and the fact that he has a great deal. Key then said TJ will get a big deal from the Bengals next season and big mouth couldn't tolerate that at all. Chris Mortenson then added TJ should because he is the better receiver. Big mouth can sure polarize folks with the best of them. Right up there with Hillary IMO. I love what has been reported that would get Mike Brown to pull the trigger on a trade for big mouth. Two number one picks, a proven defensive player, and for big mouth to return 5 million dollars in signing bonus money. The most likely scenario is they deal after June 1 and spread the cap hit over two seasons and send him to the highest bidding NFC team with an owner not named Jerry. Also I hear now that Levi Jones would like to be traded but will report for all mandatory camps but won't make the volunteer workout and forfeit $200,000. DAMN must be nice to just walk away from that kind of money. That is why I have such venom for these 'professional' athletes some times. Do they really understand the gift and the opportunity they have been given?

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