Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Graves Update

Dustin Dow has updated his blog entry concerning Holloway and is stating Bronson could be headed to NKU for his final season. Most importantly though he reports that Graves has told the XU coaching staff he intends to stay. To me that is great news. Miller spent most of the non conference post game press recaps talking about how AD was the best shooter in practice. I hope he can take a BJ Raymond type step up between his sophomore and junior years. Dow also feels like one of the incoming freshmen will be redshirted. Most feel it will be Redford but I think Walsh is a candidate for that role too. Walsh would essentially be fighting for minutes with Graves, Raymond, and Jackson now. Given he has a knee strain (I hope not too serious) he could be the candidate. But backcourt options of Jackson, Raymond, Graves, Holloway, Lyons, Redford, and Walsh sure seems impressive to this homer.

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Dave said...

Homer is right. You are as dedicated a fan as I've ever met that's for sure. Mad props on the new PG though. Sean is the man.