Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Free Throws

Memphis just needed to hit 'free' throws to clinch a title last night but they couldn't do it. Calipari you should check out Dave's advice for Kenny Belton for hitting these. They really clammed up at the end but it was a great game. Great shot by Mario Chalmers to send it to OT also. The Jayhawk bigs were too much for Memphis in the end. But still; hit free throws and we are talking about Memphis' first national championship. Which brings me to another point: when Louisville was winning National Titles out of the Metro Conference in the '80's were they ever termed 'mid major'? UNLV ever have that stigma either? No. When it get's right down to it is all about the individual teams. And the importance of fundamentals can never be overlooked.

Also ESPN is reporting Buzz Williams will be the next coach at Marquette. Buzz had a 14-17 record at New Orleans just two short seasons ago. Is that the best the Golden Eagles could do? Don't get me wrong I am happy about it but still? Buzz Williams? Best of luck.

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