Thursday, April 24, 2008

A few notes on the incoming freshman class @ UC

As I'm sure you all know by now on Saturday Varez Ward let UC know that he had changed his mind and will not be signing with Cincinnati. Not much info is available about why but I would guess he ends up someplace that can offer him more playing time right away.

This opens up a scholarship slot and I'm curious what route Mick and his staff will take. Do you go Juco or reach for a guy or sign a guy with possible isssues? I guess we'll see.

I dont know exactly what this means but today released their final 2008 recruiting rankings. UC recruit Yancy Gates has been moved up to the # 22 spot and is now a five-star recruit. I cant wait to see him in a Bearcat uniform no matter how many stars he has. My hope is that he is the first in a long line of local top recruits for Mick.

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The GREAT ONE said...

Hey guys, I know you dont get much comments but I enjoy reading your stuff.

Also with UC's class there is a lot of talk about another recruit signing soon. Eshaunte Jones is my guess, according to ESPN he was released from him LOI from Oregon State.

Also in Rivals ranking (take them for what they are worth) they have Yancy Gates as a 6.1 rating. This means they consider him a "franchise player". Last year there was 3, Eric Gorden of IU, Derrick Rose of Memphis, and Michael Beasley of KSU. This year #1,2,3, and 22. 22 being yancy. All other are 6.0 or lower. Not much but it is nice to see.