Saturday, April 5, 2008

The final four, the end of the season and other stuff

The Final weekend of college ball is upon us and it brings excitement with the crowning of a new champ and sadness knowing that I'll have to wait until November to enjoy anymore games. 

Since Deck made a prediction I will do the same. My pick is Memphis to win it all. Everybody in the world has been coming up with reasons why they cant do it or why they should have lost two weeks ago but they just win. Every game but one. All year. You can stick "mid major" up your ass Jay Bilas(please see the sweet sixteen and the several non BCS schools in it as you being a self loving, ACC touting, big school blowhard who doesn't know as much as he thought). 

I dont know about Deck but in the off season I will give you as much UC stuff as possible(I will leave most of the recruiting and high school player stuff to Deck since he is so much better with it) but I will also be doing some stuff on the other local sports stuff and maybe an occasional pop culture rant. I do promise to you the faithful reader(all 5 of you) That as soon as basketball season comes back around the other stuff will get dropped like a macho man elbow. 

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