Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We will miss you Stan

Apparently Stan gave one of the best speeches ever at a basketball banquet last night. I really am going to miss that guy. One of the favorites of the night was him talking about his in home visit from Matta and Miller. He said they were going over their spiel of why he should come to X and apparently he was thinking the whole time I should be convincing you guys I should be at X. He also talked about his time at Hargrave and how get got through it just by knowing he would be rewarded at the end of it with a scholarship to X. He also said he was that much better of a person for just knowing Josh Duncan and how it is important for all scholar athletes to realize that they need to be responsible for their actions away from the court and field as well. Brings me to another point concerning Drew. He apologized for his actions Final Four weekend and asked all in attendance not to let that be the only memory we have for him. Sean gave props to Byron Larkin for the 'human traffic cone' reference he laid on Jimmy Binnie and the now infamous line 'Do it BJ, do it' on the game clinching three point shot against West Virginia. All in all good stuff and I can't wait for next season. Oh one other little tidbit I did pick up and Dustin confirms in his blog, Oklahoma State placed a call inquiring about Sean's services and he eagerly turned them down. The man knows the path he wants his career to take and it is not groveling for T. Boone Pickens.


Dave said...

Great pic. It would look nice in a frame along side all your other X stuff.

Deck said...

Yeah the pyro smoke is still lingering to add to the effect of the picture. I am not sure Stan is quality enough to go on the wall yet.