Thursday, April 17, 2008

OSU Update

As I said in my last post they finally got their man. Travis Ford agreed to a deal just six days after extending his contract at UMASS. Do contracts mean anything in the sports world anymore? Anyway, He is what I thought they would end up with, a young guy on the rise who some say wasn't thrilled with being in the northeast. In a funny twist he is taking over from another former UK point guard who he actually took over the point when Suttons dad left UK after his envelope incident. Small world huh? I hope Travis can make balloon animals.

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Deck said...

I will make the prediction by the 2012 season OK State will have a new coach. Ford has been to exactly one NCAA tournament game (w/Eastern Kentucky) and wasn't around long. If I were OK State I would have talked to Larry Brown, maybe they did, because none of their fan base is real excited about Travis.