Monday, April 7, 2008

Drew Lavender = Chris Henry

Do people ever use 'judgement' any more? If I am drunk and standing in the middle of the street with some cabbage on me I am going to do whatever Mr. Police Man asks me to do. I compare Drew to Henry because this is a repeated pattern of behavior and they are not that far off in age (Drew 23, Henry 25).

So now Drew you are hurting your post collegiate opportunities. You are scheduled to be in Portsmouth in 2 days and you can bet all the scouts will know about this. You did a good job of staying out of trouble but I guess the minute all the coaches aren't around (San Antonio this week) to keep tabs on you, you funk up. I know this can happen to anyone (yes I have been arrested) but when you keep doing it over and over and not learning from it I lose patience.

I hope you can get it straightened out #24. The odds are stacked against you already if you choose to play for pay but you are making those chances smaller by doing dumbass things. Time to grow up.

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