Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Them Damn Duke Boys!!!!!!!!

How much money does it take to buy the NCAA tourney championship? T Boone Pickens may be starting to wonder. It seems that having the most generous booster of all time doesn't mean that you can buy a top notch college coach. It also doesn't guarantee that you will be able to lure top notch talent. 

So, what does it mean?

So far since the coaching search began it seems to have meant as much bad as it has good. See,really good coaches are smart guys. They know that having a guy around who has and will continue to throw money at OSU in the hundreds of millions means that his way is the only way. Imagine Bob Huggins taking orders from some booster who doesn't like the defense he runs.  My com-padre Deck put it best "If T-bone wants you at his kids birthday party you better be there".  Apparently Bill Self didn't want to invest in a pair of clown shoes. 

Remember Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard? He was always throwing everything he had @ them damned Dukes. No matter what scheme he came up with they always got away. Well good Ol' T-bone can throw as much money as he wants at OSU candidates but all the smart guys keep getting away. Who would want to work for Boss Hog? Stupid people like Roscoe and Enis thats who. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure Mr. Pickens is a wonderful guy. He throws tons of money at good causes like animal rights, Katrina relief, and alternative energy solutions. OSU is very fortunate to have him and the nearly 300 million he has donated. The problem is guys with that kind of investment have an awful lot of stroke. The best coaches in the business tend to have egos the size of a Buick. the two are like oil and water. 

Really soon they will find their guy. My guess is it will be a young guy or a guy who is very unhappy in his current spot. Either way they better pack some clown shoes. 

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