Monday, April 7, 2008


Television news station out of Milwaukee is saying the 'Final 4' for their head coaching position includes: Buzz Williams (Marquette Asst.), Bob McKillop (Davidson HC), Chris Lowery (Southern Illinois HC), and Brad Brownell (Wright State HC). The Marquette message boards are on fire with this obviously. McKillop and Williams seem to be the lead guys. McKillop supposedly was house shopping around Milwaukee from this weekend if you like to quote MB 'insider info' which is about as accurate as our 'intelligence' before the Iraqui war. McKillop has never won an NCAA tournament game before this season in 13 years of coaching. I wonder if Stephen Curry would transfer with him? That would be interesting. Williams had one season as a HC at New Orleans two years ago with a record of 14-17. MU officials like him though because he would give them continuity in recruiting and so forth.

I do believe one or two X assistants are getting play for jobs like Western Kentucky, Detroit, or Toledo. Whitford and Mack is who I am talking about.

Finally I do hope Memphis can win it tonight. I would have liked to see UCLA/North Carolina but I would love for a 'mid major' to win the whole damn thing to rub it into the noses of BESPN.

Also Portsmouth Invitational is getting ready to kickoff. I will try and post some updates from the action.

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