Sunday, April 20, 2008

Derby City Festival

The Derby Festival All Star game was held last night in Louisville and X and UC both had a recruit on the Gold team. I would rate this All Star Game right behind the McDonald's All American and Jordan Classic in terms of prestige and competetion. There were several McD AA's in this game. Holloway and Gates were not on the floor together until the closing minutes as they stayed with a pretty clear cut rotation. Gates is as good as advertised and will be a star if he realizes that he needs to stay within 10' of the goal. He runs the floor very well, can handle a little bit, and has the 'soft' hands you love on a big guy. He will go to war for a rebound. No questions about his intensity last night as he was the best big man on the floor for the Gold team. Holloway was my main interest as this was my first time seeing him play. He is a pass first point guard and won me over right at introductions when he ran to mid court crossing his arms in the glorious 'X' sign. He was 2-5 from the field by my count with one three being made. He slings his jumpshot but I was most impressed with his quick hands and reactions on defense. He tied up the opposition on a three on 1 break early in the game. As the guard entered the paint to dish to either his right or left Holloway locked up the ball for a change in possession.

Miller was quoted recently in the Xavier Newswire saying that Dante' Jackson will not being play at the point next year. I think DJ is in line for starting at the '2'. After last night I would say Holloway is the early leader for the job followed by 'Cheeks' and then Redford but we'll see.


The GREAT ONE said...

Not to be that guy but when your wearing 52 and your a PG coming off the bench.... i mean, well nevermind. I watched most of the game and it wasnt hard to spot the guys who can contribute next year. Zeller could be really good, not next year. Yancy is a man child. TAKKLE rated him #9.

Oh and how did a Xavier guy like you forget to mention the MVP was a UC recruit in Yancy?? Last years was Beasley, that is some good company.

Deck said...

Great one,

Thanks for reading our stuff and nice comments. As you can see I clearly think Gates has 'it' by what I wrote in this post. He will be a nice addition to go with Deonta. You mentioned Beasley (who will be the overall #1 pick in the draft IMO) and we did a nice job locking him up last year so we shall see next season. I am a subsriber to Prep Stars and have been for years and they have consistently said Yancy could be the best low post scorer in the class. What I like about Gates is how he runs the floor and has such soft hands. BUT he needs to realize he is not the second coming of Kevin Garnett and stay off the perimeter. His skill set is good enough he could focus on being a horse down low and still make tons of coin at the next level. Concerning Holloway Mick thought enough to offer (check Rivals) but he chose the good guys. Eshante Jones was once at Purdue if I recall and I would much rather Mick get him than taking a PR hit with Bud Mackey.