Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cronin a Candidate for OK State Job?

Jeff Goodman from Fox Sports is reporting that Sean Sutton is out as coach at Oklahoma State after two short seasons. He also includes a candidate list that has (laughable) Bill Self and Billy Gillespie on it. I guess there is a notorious deep pocketed booster who makes this seem plausible to Cowboy fans. Then he sets up his 'b' list that has guys like Keno Davis, Brad Stevens, and Mick Cronin. He gives his reasons for each and of most interest to us is his take on Mick: 'He has realized how tough rebuilding the Bearcats to prominence will be in the Big East. He has also realized the fractured fan base (read Huggs apologists) will never totally support him.' WOW! I think there is a chance (albeit very small) that the OK State job is attractive to Mick. What do the Bearcat fans think?

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