Thursday, April 17, 2008

Advice for Mike Brown

Trade Chad Johnson. Period. End of story.

I would talk to the Dallas Cowboys who have two first round draft picks this season. I would take their 22nd overall pick in that round and a third rounder to ship this turd some where else. I used to love Chad and the energy he brought to the team. But let's be honest the guy walks around with money falling out of his pocket and I would bet what I have that his account is not keeping up with his life style or his girlfriends, baby mama's, and children's lifestyle for that matter. It all strikes me as a kid who is not getting his way. HE WILL BE A DISTRACTION and I don't see him contributing to what this team is trying to do and that is getting back to the playoffs. I will lay it on the line now: I GUARANTEE THE BENGALS WILL BE IN THE PLAYOFFS THIS SEASON IF CHAD IS GONE BEFORE THE FIRST MANDATORY MINICAMP.

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