Wednesday, April 2, 2008

08-09 Non Conference Schedule

The non conference schedule for 08-09 is still more than a few games from being completed but this looks like what we are looking at for next season:


at Virginia
at UC
at Kansas State
Puerto Rico Tournament (USC, Missouri, and VA Tech will also participate)


-vs- Duke in the Coaches -v- Cancer Classic at the Meadowlands
Wooden Tradition (Purdue or Notre Dame)

I imagine we would fill out remaining spots with a few 'cupcakes' for some wins. I also feel strongly that this team will take a tour of Canada or Ireland in the early fall to give the staff some extra time to mesh all the new faces and inexperience with what we have. I think schools are allowed to do this once every four years or so. I have also heard that West Virginia is looking for a home and home maybe for 09-10. Huggs likes to come back to town every chance he gets. Also a long, long term deal was once thought to be on the table for Wake Forest. That is one series I would really love to see.

In conference play we are surely looking at a home and home with UD but St. Joes and GW may change.

To be clear the aggressive non conference schedule will remain a part of this program. The benefits you reap from playing tough comp early are key for solid play in February and March. This is a great recruiting tool also.

Many people on campus are hypothesizing Sean Miller will have an extension in the very near future from the University. Most feel it will be in the 1.4 million per range with an increase on the buyout. I am sure Sean would like to negotiate a deal that their is no buyout for say Pittsburgh or certain ACC schools.

I am loving this offseason coaching carousel. Of course Marquette is open and our man Miller is being bandied about by their fan base. I am also hearing Bruce Weber from Illinois which would cause concern for UD fans. Gregory is an Illinois guy and surely a Big 10 kind of coach. He would love to join Crean in going head to head against his old boss at Michigan State who reportedly loves both guys. Others include Lon Kruger, Mike Montgomery, Mike Anderson, Tony Bennett, and Brad Brownell. You could cut and paste this list for all the other major job openings in the country (California, OK State, and Oregon State presently).

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