Friday, February 22, 2008


U-G-L-Y is what the whole Indiana situation is dissolving into. Players threatening to quit if Sampson is not the coach really puts Rick Greenspan in a tough spot. Greenspan also asked Sampson to resign which he did not which sets the table for a future lawsuit because Kelvin is holding onto that he did not lie to the NCAA or Indiana investigators. Delicious! This job is becoming more and more unattractive at the moment. They will be punished heavily in my opinion (post season ban, reduction in schollies). The fan base of Hoosier land is calling for either Scott Drew, Sean Miller, or Brad Brownwell to be the guy. I honestly think there is truth to the Scott Skiles rumor too. If Rick Greenspan holds onto his job though my odds on favorite will be Kevin Stallings currently coaching at Vanderbilt. Stallings has a 'clean guy' record and has done well at each of his stops. Greenspan hired him at Vanderbilt. Way to early to speculate because Kelvin may still be the coach next season (seriously doubt it but you never know). The NCAA will due IU no favors either in regards to moving up the scheduled August hearing because they feel IU has misled them. All great drama to keep track of the next several months.

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