Friday, February 22, 2008

Bearcats and the NCAA Tourney

With Micks recent comments about the Bearcats being ignored by the national media despite a damn good Conference record, and His hinting about some attention from the NCAA tourney committee I thought I'd do some research. Here are some interesting numbers and bits of info to be considered. Please note that i am aware that they have a lot of work left to do but if the season ended today I think they deserve some consideration and the numbers explain why.

According to Joe Lunardi's Bracketology site as of today 8 Big East teams are in the field of 64.
4.Notre Dame

8. West Virginia

The numbers next to the teams are the current rank they hold in the Big East. Notice anything missing?
I wont argue the top 5 teams so lets look at the 3 left

Pitt - lost to UC, has one less win in conf. than UC, has 3 wins in top 50 of RPI

WVU - lost to UC, has one less win in conf. than UC, has 2 wins in top 50 of RPI

Syracuse - lost to UC, has one less win in conf. than UC, has 1 win in top 50 of RPI

Now lets look at the Bearcats

UC - Beat all three teams listed above, has more conf. wins, has 4 wins in the top 50 of RPI


a few other things to consider.
UC also beat Louisville and played close games against all but N.D.
Arizona is in as an at large with only a 15-10 record. not much better than UC.
UC has only 2 losses outside the top 100 in the RPI
One of them is NOT Belmont. Who comes in at 97 and according to Lunardi is favored to win the Atlantic Sun and will be a tourney team. Thats right, one of UC's 2 bad losses is currently on the Bracket according to Lunardi.

Distinguished tourney committee members, please take note.

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