Thursday, February 28, 2008

Butler Bulldogs

Dustin Dow of the Cincinnati Enquirer posted in his blog today that we have signed a home and home (beginning in the Queen City) with the Butler Bulldogs. That is a good match up. He further reports that we are close to a made for television game against a soon to be named opponent. Bobinski is clearly positioning us in the best of the non BCS class with Gonzaga and Memphis. Good debate on DD's blog as to whether X gets more notice and respect nationally as opposed to here in town. So far our schedule is filling out nicely: Wooden Tradition, at Kansas State, Auburn, Southern Illinois, Butler, Miami (OH), at Cincinnati, a possible 10 year home and home deal with Wake Forest. I am probably leaving out a few games out of conference as well. It could be that the made for television game could be the Demon Deacon matchup which is not yet official to my knowledge. Or could it be West Virginia? Now that would be interesting.

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