Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Johnnies are coming to town.

Tonight our beloved Cats will get a chance for revenge. Revenge against a team that until the last week and a half had only the win against UC in conference play.

If you believe what's being written on the St. Johns blogs then you believe that a surging Red storm is about to roll into Cincinnati tonight, beat the Bearcats ,rape our women, steal our children, and roll all the way to the Big East conference tourney championship and onto the big dance. Apparently if you can beat the other three teams in the Big East cellar you become a world beater. Now, dont get me wrong I understand that the butt-whipping they gave the cats earlier this year gives them reason to believe they can keep the storm rolling. I also understand that they have won a couple road games in a row so they feel confident coming to the Shoe.

Reality check time.

Since the loss to St. Johns the Bearcats have been watching the calendar waiting for this day. Dont be surprised if the rebounding margin is 3 to 1 in the bearcats favor tonight. Offensively The johnnies dont have a single guy that scares me and the only one who comes close(Anthony Mason jr.) might not play. On defense I will givre them some credit. They have been tough even against some of the upper eschelon of the B.E. The Bearcats are a much better team at home and will give the Johnnies all they can handle. If Williamson continues to play well maybe he can take a little pressure off of Vaughn tonight.

My Prediction - UC wins by 10.

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