Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jesuit Week Pt 2

I found it interesting in today's Cincinnati Enquirer about the St. Louis request to wear blue jerseys for their home game against us this Thursday. They are giving away 10,000 blue tee shirts to 'blue out' the Scottrade Center for our nationally televised game on ESPN Thursday at 9:00 PM. Can somebody tell them are main color is blue also? Sean has said he will not grant the request for the record but it illustrates that we are the marquee team in the conference.

Or other Jesuit foe this week has had a pretty full week already. They destroyed Villanova (who hasn't lately?) in the Philly 'Holy War' game and go on the road to play Duquesne tonight. The Dukes are desperate for a win after having any at large berth attempt destroyed by losing to St. Bona. I am so glad all our remaining A10 games are against squads in the top 100 of the RPI besides GW and since we beat them on the road already I think we will handle them at the 'Tas. Anyway Ron Everhart is back to playing '1040' which could serve to deaden the St. Joe's talented line up legs. The Hawks essentially go 7 deep with their best interior sub (Rockwell Moody) being given an extended leave of absence. They still have one of the best front lines in the country (yes I did say country) in Rob Ferguson, Ahmad Nivins, and Pat Calathes. Two out of those three will play in the 'league' and their guards are just good enough (Carr and Govens) to be given all league consideration. Carr may be the newcomer of the year in the conference.

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