Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Enough Already with the Bob Knight Lovefest

Am I the only person who thinks that he quit on his kids? Am I the only one that sees him as a hypocrite for demanding 100% from his kids and then walking away midseason? I have heard every story and seen all the articles that talk about him being a great teacher and character builder. The last time I checked QUITTING was not on the checklist for achieving GREATNESS.

If he coached 10 more games and THEN quit ok. Bob Knight= Best ever, The end. But buy pulling this stunt to get one last round of attention I think he leaves a big asterisk next his name in the Greatness category.

Quitters never win, Winners never quit. Every guy who teaches basketball to 4th graders knows this saying. Why doesnt Bob Knight know it?

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Deck said...

He is Robert f'n Montgomery Knight and he has earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants after 902 wins. Hey newsflash dastardly: coaches quit on their kids all the time (rarely mid season) but they bolt all the time. The senior Knight knew by leaving now he has made the transistion for his son that much easier. If he leaves at the end of the season Tech could have gone through a long search ect and this way they have to keep their word and promise which they may have done anyway. 902 wins, hundreds of coaching manuals written about his man to man schemes and motion offenses, taught Coach K everything he knows, and so on. I am no fan of his and the Coiffed One stole his whole schtick from him but come on, he has earned the right to walk away his own way.