Thursday, February 7, 2008

Special Delivery

What can Brown do for you? What a play to escape with a victory in a very exciting finish. Kevin Lisch joins Dionte Christmas on my all A10 first team (based off guys in conference who do very well against the X men) and almost singlehandedly stole one from us. But he didn't and the Muskies move to 19-4, 7-1 in conference with a chance to take a two game lead with a win Sunday against St. Joseph's. The Hawks may be without Ahmad Nivins which would be a tremendous boon to our chances for victory. Coupled with Rhode Island's loss against UMASS a win against St. Joes would give us some breathing room headed into the toughest portion of our A10 schedule. Hats off again to Lisch and the Billikens but somebody needs to tell Pudgie that 5'9" Dwayne Polk is not the guy to be boxing out Brown with the game on the line.

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