Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lightning Rod

Forget 'Hammer', Stan Burrell's nickname should be 'Lightning Rod'. It appears many of our conference rivals have chosen Stan as the player 'easiest to hate' in the A10. I think his attitude towards all that is 'just spell my name right'. I must say that if Stan was on another team I might not like him all that much either. I did enjoy his comments after the game Sunday though. If you read Tom Archdeacon's blog from the Dayton Daily News he is quick to point out Stan was pressed by reporters for that comment and for the most part it is a mutual admiration party for both teams. Ultimately I think 'Lightning Rod' is tired of hearing how much better of a player Brian Roberts is than he is. I will give the edge to Roberts on the offensive end of the floor (his jumper is very consistent) but overall game give me Burrell. Burrell is one of the main reasons we are rated #9 in the country. Credit must be given for his maturation into a key defensive stopper. His pro chances are enhanced by what he has shown this season. I think if the Muskies can make a deep run in March all three seniors will have an opportunity with an NBA team and all may very well get drafted.

In reading the Atlantic 10 conference forum which includes comments and thoughts from all teams in the league fans though they all have a favorite Stan story to rehash. It is clear though that some are just jealous of the success we have enjoyed. I do find it funny that some do not think he is a 'team player' which is so far off base it is almost comical. Besides the dedication to team defense this season at the expense of his offensive game Stan is usually the loudest cheerleader on the bench and the first one to offer encouragment to guys who are down or made a bad play. He is a leader and again as a Muskie fan I am damn proud of him and the team.

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